The Problem
& Our Solution

The Problem

Increased Demand for Assisted Living

A combination of demographic, social, and economic factors have combined to bring about a shortage of Assisted Living facilities in the UK.

First, the UK has an aging population, with a growing number of people reaching retirement age. This has increased the demand for Assisted Living facilities that can support those who may require assistance with daily activities.

There has also been a steady increase in the number of people living with chronic conditions such as dementia and Parkinson’s disease, and needing the support that Assisted Living offers. Then the traditional family structure has changed. With many older people living alone and without close family support, Assisted Living can provide a supportive and safe environment.

The UK also has a marked shortage of affordable housing. Combined with increasing property prices, this has made it difficult for many older people to maintain their own homes and live independently. Assisted Living facilities provide a more affordable alternative for those who need support.

On a more positive note, advances in technology and improved training and standards for care workers have led to a higher quality of care being provided in Assisted Living facilities. This has made them a more appealing option for those requiring support.

Housing Bodies Needing Investment and Support

Housing Bodies face numerous challenges in providing adequate Assisted Living facilities. Reliant on government funding and grants to develop and operate facilities, increasing budget cuts can make it hard to secure adequate funding to provide these services. This results in a lack of investment in new facilities or improvements to existing ones.

Shortage of available properties suitable for conversion into Assisted Living facilities can also make it difficult for Bodies to find new sites. Housing Bodies also face significant competition for funding from local councils and private sector providers. This can make it challenging for them to secure the funding to provide quality Assisted Living facilities.

The development of new Assisted Living facilities can sometimes also be met with resistance from local communities, making it harder to gain planning permission and secure funding.

Finally, compliance with regulations governing the provision of care services, can add significant costs and administrative burden to the provision of Assisted Living facilities.

These challenges result in Housing Bodies needing increased investment and support if they are to provide the Assisted Living facilities needed by older and vulnerable people across the UK.

The Solution

Assisted Living Project

Assisted Living Project partners with Housing Bodies throughout the United Kingdom to provide high quality apartment buildings tailored for Assisted Living tenants.

Working to the needs of our Housing Body partners, we purchase completed apartment blocks, making these available under long term leases, funded by the Department of Work and Pensions.

For the Housing Bodies, this alleviates the challenges and relieves the need for the capital and human resources involved in the financing and development of new facilities. Blocks are handed over ready for occupation.

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